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Social Literacy

This is how you play with a new friend.  You say “Hello, can I come play with you?”  And they might say yes, or they will say “Not now” or “Maybe later”.  And if they say yes, then you find out what they are playing and how to play.  And if they say not now, then you be flexible thinking and play with a different friend, or by yourself, or with a teacher.  And this is really important: if you don’t want to play with someone, don’t yell “NOOOO”.  Just say “Maybe later, thank you.”  Because that is your right to privacy but it is also your right to be safe with feelings.  You can say no and not hurt feelings, you just have to know how.  Like me!

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Emotional Literacy

We all have all of the emotions. Even Mommy. Even Daddy. Even Teachers. Everybody. And sometimes, you have the same emotions as a friend, and sometimes you have a different one. And sometimes you have 2 or 3 or 6 or 100 emotions all at once! That’s so silly.

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The teachers are nice, but sometimes they tell me what to do. They are very silly. They live at the school, I think, because they are at school before me and they stay at school when I go home. They sleep on the nap beds, but I don’t know where they would have a bath. Once, I saw a teacher at Save On Foods and it wasn’t even school time! I was buying chicken with my Mommy.

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